This Webcert site is for filing your Weekly Claim Certification to request payment for each week that you are unemployed and/or obtaining recent payment information on your claim. It is a quick and easy alternative to filing by telephone (Telecert).
Filing for unemployment insurance is a two-step process.
First, you must establish your claim for unemployment insurance by filing an initial claim over the telephone or on our website. (For more information on unemployment insurance, go to Frequently Asked Questions).
Second, once you have established your initial claim, you must file Weekly Claim Certifications.
For each week that you are requesting payment you must file a Weekly Claim Certification. For unemployment purposes, our week always begins Sunday and ends Saturday. You may file any day of the week, Sunday through Friday, after the week for which you are requesting benefits.
Each weekly claim certification must be submitted before 5:00pm (EST) on Friday for the previous week. For example, if you are filing for the week beginning 2-1-15 (Sunday) and ending 2-7-15 (Saturday) you must file your Weekly Claim Certification between 12:01am on Sunday 2-8-15 and 5:00pm Friday, 2-13-15.
Failure to file your Weekly Claim Certification timely may result in a denial of benefits. Filing early in the week assures the most prompt payment, if eligible.
Create a PIN
When you file your first Weekly Claim Certification, you will be required to establish a four digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) by clicking on Create a PIN. You will use the PIN along with your Social Security Number (SSN) each time you file a Webcert, Telecert or request payment information.
Security Questions
As part of creating your PIN in Webcert, you will be required to choose and provide answers to two security questions. Be sure that you record them in a safe place because you will be required to provide the answers to the questions in order to reset your PIN if you forget it in the future.
Forgot Your PIN?
If you forget your PIN, click on Forgot Your PIN? and instructions will be provided. You will be required to provide the Security Questions and answers that you completed when you created your PIN.
Each time you file a Weekly Claim Certification, you will be asked questions concerning your eligibility for unemployment insurance benefits. The Sunday through Saturday dates will be displayed for the week that is available for you to file. You are always filing for the previous week and your answers should relate only to that week.
Answer all questions truthfully and accurately. This will ensure proper payment of unemployment benefits. Knowingly or carelessly reporting false information, including earnings, constitutes fraud.
You will be able to review all your responses and make any corrections, if necessary, prior to submitting. Once you submit the Weekly Claim Certification, you cannot change your answers.
Earnings Calculator
If you worked at all during the week, you must report your gross earnings for that week, not when you receive your pay. An Earnings Calculator is provided to help you determine the gross amount of your earnings for the week.
You must verify that you have read all of the information provided and that your answers are true and correct. This must be done before you can submit your Weekly Claim Certification for processing.
When you submit your Weekly Claim Certification you are declaring under penalties of perjury that you have reviewed your answers and have provided truthful information including any gross wages that you may have earned during the week.
Your responses become a part of your unemployment insurance record and will be retained. Giving false information, failing to report all money earned during the week or answering questions for anyone other than you constitutes fraud.
Confirmation Number
A confirmation number will be displayed upon submitting your Webcert. Record this number as proof of filing. You can print a summary of your responses and the confirmation number by clicking Print This Page on the Filing Completed page.
If you do not get a confirmation number you have not completed your Webcert and benefits cannot be paid.
You must record your weekly job contacts in the MWE-REX Work Search Verification Log, as these contacts may be audited.

Depending on the status of your claim, there may be a special section, Important Filing Alert Concerning Your Claim provided on the Filing Completed page where you receive your processing number and the summary of your responses.
This section is only displayed if there is a message that may impact your claim. It is very important that you check for any Filing Alerts and follow the instructions given in the message.
Recent Payment Information
The most recent payment issued within the last 30 days is displayed under “Recent Payment Information”. Payment information is updated daily, however, payments are not available on your debit card until the afternoon of the next working day (Monday through Friday, excluding holidays) following the Issue Date displayed.
View Past Payment History
You may also click on View Past Payment History for details on the previous three payments issued.