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Separation Form Help
The “Request for Separation Information” (DLLR/DUI 207) is sent to an employer when a former employee files a claim for unemployment insurance benefits.  This form serves two purposes: it informs the employer that a claim has been filed, and it requests that the employer provide the reason for separation.  The facts presented on this form will be used to determine the claimant's eligibility for benefits.  The employer is required to provide this information under the Maryland Unemployment Insurance Law.
Employers must complete and return the "Request for Separation Information" by the due date (eight calendar days from the date the form is issued) or be assessed a $15 penalty per Section 8-627 of the Maryland Unemployment Insurance Law.
Employers may respond in one of two ways to the “Request for Separation Information”
(DLLR/DUI 207):
By mail (to the address appearing on each form); or
Via the Internet (
Note: A confirmation number will be provided once the transaction has been completed.
If the employer fails to return the form by mail or via the internet and the due date has past, benefits will be paid if the claimant had indicated that he/she was separated due to lack of work or temporary layoff, as long as, all other requirements of the law are met.
Employers can prevent improper benefit charges to their accounts and claimant overpayments by providing accurate information in a timely manner.
If employers provide false information for the purpose of disqualifying a claimant, they may be subject to criminal, as well as, civil penalties.
If you feel that this form has been sent to you in error, it must still be completed.  You may have employed this individual for only a brief time or even over a year ago.  When an individual files a claim for unemployment insurance benefits, all employment during the previous 18 month period must be examined.  Any employer during those 18 months can potentially be charged for benefits if the claimant is determined to be eligible.  It is important that you respond to this request to ensure benefits are paid properly to the claimant and charged, or non-charged correctly to your employer account.
There are several options available when completing the form.  In most cases, you will select a "Reason for Separation" from the list provided.  Make a selection that best describes the reason the individual is temporarily or permanently separated from your employment.  However, if one of those options does not fit the situation, the following choices have also been provided:
Hired Part Time, Continues to be Employed on a Part-Time Basis
Still Working Full Time
Never Employed by Your Company
Worked in a Capacity Other Than the Normal Employee/Employer Relationship
Hired Part time, Continues to be Employed on a Part-Time Basis
A claimant who was hired to work for you part time and continues to work part time, may lose his/her full time job and continue to work for you part time.  If this occurs, the claimant may be eligible for partial benefits.  Do not choose this option unless the claimant was hired as part-time and continues to work for you on a regular part time basis.  When choosing this separation reason, please enter the most recent date worked as the last day of work for the claimant.   This option provides a comment section to give additional information.
Still Working Full Time
Even if a claimant is still working for you, check your records for a reduction in hours of work.  An employee may be entitled to partial benefits if his/her hours were reduced through no fault of his/her own.
Compare your records to the dates supplied by the claimant.  Did the employee file a claim during a temporary layoff or plant shutdown or weather related reduction in hours?   Is the claimant now back at work?  If so, choose the option for temporary layoff; provide the last day of work prior to the layoff and the date the claimant returned to work or will return to work.
Before submitting the Still Working Full Time option, read the instructions carefully.  By choosing this option you are stating that there has been no break in available full time work for this individual.  The first weekending date that the claimant has requested benefits will be displayed.  Be sure to provide information regarding that time period.
If no layoff or reduction in hours has occurred, choose this option when completing the form and provide the gross wages earned during the calendar week requested.  You will be given the opportunity to provide additional information.
If there was full time work available and the claimant did not work all hours due to personal reasons; he/she is not eligible for partial benefits.  If this has occurred, choose this option and provide additional information in the comment area of the form.
DO NOT choose this option if the claimant is on a leave of absence or on suspension from your company.  Both of these reasons are available as options under the "Reason for Separation" selection.
Never Employed by Your Company
When a claimant files for unemployment insurance, all employers for whom he/she has worked during the last 18 months will be sent a “Request for Separation Information.”
Do not disregard a claim because you are unable to identify the claimant as a former employee.  Check the claimant by Social Security number since names often change due to marriage, divorce, or other legal reasons.  It is important that you check your records during the last 18 months, to ensure that the information you supply is correct.
Worked in a Capacity Other Than the Normal Employee/Employer Relationship
If the claimant worked for you in a capacity other than the normal employee/employer relationship (e.g. independent contractor, odd jobs, or through a temporary help firm), you may choose this option when completing the form and you will be given the opportunity to provide additional information.
A list of possible separation reasons is provided when you complete the “Request for Separation Information”.  Please choose the one that best fits the reason the claimant is no longer working for you.  A further explanation for some of the separation reasons is listed below.
Temporary Layoff/Temporary Reduction in Hours (10 Weeks or Less)
The Maryland Unemployment Insurance Law exempts a claimant from having to make an active search for work, if his/her employer verifies that the reason for separation is a temporary layoff or temporary reduction in hours and the claimant has a return to work date.  However, the employer must provide a definite return to work date that is within 10 weeks of the last day of work for this exemption to take place.  When completing this form you will be required to provide a return to work date when this option is chosen.
Lack of Work/Layoff of More Than 10 Weeks/Reduction in Force/Job Abolished
This separation reason covers any circumstance where the claimant has been separated from your company because there is not sufficient work available, the job no longer exists, the contract has ended, the company or section of the company has closed, etc.
This may be a permanent layoff or a layoff that is for an indefinite time period that is more than 10 weeks from the claimant’s last day of work.  If the layoff is for more than 10 weeks, even though the claimant may be returning to work for you in the future, he/she will be required to actively look for work while filing for unemployment insurance benefits.
End of Assignment (Temporary Help Firms Only)
This option is to be used only by a temporary help firm employer.  You will be required to provide additional information; “Did the claimant request another assignment?” and “Is the claimant still on your active rolls?” If the claimant has quit an assignment or was discharged from an assignment, but is still on your active rolls, choose this option.  Do not choose a voluntary quit or fired option because Maryland Unemployment Insurance law considers the claimant to still be connected to your company as long as he remains on your active rolls.
For Educational Institutions Only - School Vacation
This option is to be used only by an educational institution or a governmental entity or not for profit organization that provides services for an educational institution. This option is used only when the claimant is unemployed during a period between two academic terms/years or during an established and customary vacation period or holiday recess and has a contract or “reasonable assurance” of returning to work after this period is over. You will be required to provide the date the claimant is to return to work.
Quit or Fired
Several options are provided if the claimant quit or was fired/discharged from your employment. If one of these options is chosen, you will be given the opportunity to provide additional information regarding the reason for separation.
NOTE: If the separation reason, “Fired-Not Qualified for Job, but Worked to Best of Ability” is chosen, the claimant will be paid benefits if otherwise eligible.  A non-monetary determination will not be issued to the claimant or employer if this separation reason is chosen.
The PAYMENTS section provides an area for you to report information on certain types of payments that the claimant has received or will receive as a result of his/her separation from employment with your company.  This section does not request information on earned wages paid to the claimant for work performed prior to leaving employment.
If the claimant has received or will receive one of the following types of payments from your company after the last day of employment, you must check the box to the left of the payment type and complete certain questions regarding the payment.  Do not check the box unless the payment meets the conditions listed for each type of payment.
The receipt of a pension or annuity from a base period employer may reduce or prevent the payment of UI benefits.  If the claimant contributed to the pension, 50% of the retirement payment will be deducted from any benefits due.  If the pension contribution was made solely by the employer, 100% of the payment will be deducted from any benefits due.  If the retirement payment is paid in the form of a lump sum, it will not be deductible from benefits if:
the employer pays the lump sum payment as a result of a layoff or shutdown; or
within 30 days of receiving the lump sum payment, the claimant places the payment in a qualified retirement plan and provides proof that it has been placed in that plan.
Only report pension payments in this section that the claimant is currently receiving or will begin receiving within the next year.
Profit Sharing
The receipt of a profit sharing payment may be deductible from UI benefits only if the profit sharing payment is part of a retirement or pension plan account.  Do not check this box unless the payment meets this criteria and has been paid or will be paid within the next year.
Bonus or Special Pay
The receipt of a bonus or special payment will only be deducted from UI benefits if the claimant performed services during the week the payment is made or to which the payment is attributable.  If the payment was paid or is attributable to a week prior to the effective date of the claim displayed on the first page of the online form, do not report the payment, as it will not affect the payment of benefits.
Severance Pay
The receipt of severance pay is always disqualifying.
Severance pay is deducted from UI benefits on a daily basis beginning with the day following the last day of work and until all money has been allocated.  The severance pay amount and gross weekly wage is needed to correctly allocate the payment.
Vacation or Holiday Pay
The receipt of vacation or holiday pay will be deducted from UI benefits if on or before the last day of work, the claimant is notified by the employer of a definite return to work date.  If there is no definite return to work date, the vacation or holiday pay will not be deducted from benefits.  The amount of vacation and or holiday pay received and the dates for which it is paid are requested.
This payment option is only available if the separation reason selected when completing the Request for Separation Information form online meets the above criteria.
The following additional information provides the format in which data should be entered on the form and some hints that may be helpful when completing the form.
Required Fields (*)
Any field that has an asterisk before it is a required field.  If you are unable to fill out all of the required fields on the online form, you will need to submit the request you received by mail.  Please be aware that the law provides penalties for false statements.
Internet Key
If you are receiving paper "Request for Separation Information" forms, the Internet Key is located in the top right area on the front of the form.  If you are unable to locate the form then you will need to request the key from DLUI‑
Maryland Employer Account Number
The Maryland Employer account number for the employer shown in this application is the account number that matches the employer name given to us by the claimant.  If the number is not correct for the employer name listed, please enter the correct Maryland employer account number in the area provided.
Claimant SSN
You should always enter the employee Social Security number located on the "Request for Separation Information" form.  If the Social Security number does not agree with your records, contact DLUI‑ before continuing to enter your separation online.  The acceptable methods of entering the Employee SSN are below:
A. All nine (9) digits without any formatting symbols or spaces
B. First three digits, then a dash, next two digits, a second dash, and the last four digits (999-99-9999)
The acceptable methods of entering any dates in this online application are as follows:
A. Enter the 2-digit month followed immediately by the 2-digit date and then the 4-digit year (mmddyyyy)
B. Enter the 2-digit month, then a dash, next a 2-digit date, then another dash, and finally a 4-digit year (mm-dd-yyyy)
C. Enter the 2-digit month, then a forward slash, next a 2-digit date, then another slash, and lastly the 4-digit year (mm/dd/yyyy)
Gross Wages and Other Payment Amounts
Any wage amount entered in this application should adhere to the following formatting rules:
A. Do not enter cents. Round the amount up to the next whole dollar
B. Do not enter a dollar sign ($) within the field
C. Do not enter any commas (,) within the field
D. If there is no wage amount, enter one zero (0)
Save your Official and Contact Information
You will now be able to save the Official and Contact information that you enter when completing a Request for Separation Information, so that the next time you must complete one of these request forms for your company it will be displayed automatically for you.
Effective Date of Claim
The effective date of the claim that produced the Request for Separation Information form will be displayed on the first page of the request.  Any availability for work issues would only affect the claim if they occurred after that date.
Comments are now allowed when you choose separation reason "Lack of work/Layoff of more than 10 weeks/Reduction in Force/Job Abolished" or "Temporary Layoff (10 weeks or less) or Temporary Reduction in Hours".  When one of these separation reasons is chosen, you are stating that the reason the individual is not working is through no fault of his/her own.  No further information concerning that separation reason is necessary.  If a comment is entered, it should only be to notify DUI of any possible disqualifying reasons, such as the claimant did not work all hours that were available for him/her at the time of the layoff.
Submission Date and Time
Once you have completed a request for separation online, you will receive a confirmation number and the submission date and time.  Any submission received after 5:00 PM EST will not be processed until the next business day.  (For Example, information submitted on Friday after 5:00 PM EST will be processed the following Monday.)  However, a penalty for a late submission is not assessed if the submission is successfully completed by midnight of the due date.
To Submit a Correction
Once you have completed the separation form online and have received the confirmation number you can not return to the online form and correct any errors.  If you have detected an error in the data you submitted, you may email the correction to DLUI‑   Please include the claimant’s name, Social Security number, your name, telephone number, the company name and your Maryland account number.  Your request will be confirmed via return email.
To Change Your Company's Address
If you change your company's address or telephone number, you will need to notify the Division of Unemployment Insurance (DUI) immediately by one of the following methods:
If you use the Maryland Unemployment Insurance WebTax application to file your quarterly employer Contribution and Employment Report, you may also use it to change the company address or telephone number, or
You may call the Employer Status Unit at 410-767-2414, or
You may email your changes to dluitaxstatus‑  Please include your Maryland Unemployment Insurance employer account number, your name and telephone number when emailing your changes.
To Report an Employee’s Recall to Work or Job Refusal
If an employee refuses a recall to work or an individual refuses an offer of work, you must notify the Division of Unemployment Insurance (DUI) within 15 days after the refusal in order for DUI to consider whether the refusal will affect the individual's benefits.  This notification may be sent via email to DLUI‑  Please include all of the following: date of offer, date of refusal, name and SSN of the individual, your company name and Maryland Unemployment Insurance employer account number.
To Contact Us
If you have any questions regarding the completion of the Request for Separation Information form, you may contact one of the Division of Unemployment Insurance (DUI) offices listed below.  These numbers are only to be used by employers for clarification on unemployment insurance benefit issues.  Claimant inquiries will not be answered at these numbers.
College Park Claim Center – 301-313-8037
Cumberland Claim Center – 301-723-2145
Salisbury Claim Center - 410-334-6868
Towson Claim Center – 410-853-1713